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Celebrating Mothers with Sarong

Mothers play a significant role in everyone’s lives. They love, care, help and cherish their children unconditionally. All mothers know what their children like and what symbolizes them, but what do we children know what symbolizes them?

The batik sarong is widely designed and made in Kelantan, Penang and Terengganu. However, it is distributed everywhere in the Penisula of Malaysia.

In Malaysia, mothers are known to wear their batik sarong for everything. Either for casually at home, or formally at work. Even during events, mothers will wear a specially-kept and custom-tailored batik sarong. Batik sarong is the ideal symbol of all mothers in Malaysia.

Mothers and the batik sarong are inseparable. Batik symbolizes their daily routine. It is their norm from centuries ago. Malaysian mothers are proud of our heritage and culture, thus this is one of the reasons why the batik sarong is still alive until this very day. The batik sarong is usually inherited to preserve the culture of the Malays.

During this Mother’s Day, let us spoil our mothers with a specially-chosen and custom-made batik that is 100% made from cotton and manufactured by hand with hand-made hand blocks by our people. Every batik has a story and its purpose. Let’s bring back the batik sarong to tell our story.