Samfu And Cheongsam Malaysia: Traditional Chinese Attires

Malaysia; a Southeast Asia country is rich with distinguished races, cultures, and customs. For instance, traditional attires like samfu and cheongsam are worn by the Chinese, and even other races as well!

Well, this scenario is not a surprise. Rather, it shows that Malaysians are anticipated in celebrating one another’s festivals.

Speaking of traditional chinese attires; samfu and cheongsam, did you know that we will be celebrating Chinese New Year in less than 2 months?

How exciting is it? Surely, it would be a hassle to look for the attires at the very last minute. Worry not!

We, AYAYU, will always be the best “place” for you to purchase these Chinese attires. And, of course, we will be sharing vital information about samfu and cheongsam Malaysia in this article.

About Samfu And Cheongsam Malaysia

As we are concerned, Malaysia consists of three main races which are Malay, Chinese, and Indian.

We, however, would like to highlight a few important details about the history of Chinese migration to Malaya and its impact on bringing new cultures and customs.

The history of Chinese migration was recorded during the economical development of Malacca. Malacca is a well-known state for its glorious trading center dated in the 19th century.

During this migration, the Chinese “brought” trading goods, traditions, and cultures to Malaya which later was adapted as a part of Malaysian tradition.

Traditions; such as traditional Chinese attire was originally styled in layers of silk and fully embroidered.

Up to these days, young people are still wearing traditional Chinese attires, but in a simplified and casual style.

They wear samfu and cheongsam during gatherings or festivals like Chinese New Year.

Additional information, cheongsam means long dress. It is also known by its other name which is qipao.

It is a one-piece dress that is made from silk with a collar and clasps at the waist. The clasps of a cheongsam can be spotted either in the center or side of the dress.

Samfu, on the other hand, refers to a suit (high-necked jacket) that is often paired with loose trousers. Samfu is often worn by older Chinese women.

Materials For Traditional Chinese Attires

  1. Silk

Silk is a luxurious fabric type for cheongsam dresses. Its texture is smooth and soft, making it perfect for a sophisticated look.

Since silk is glossy and can be dyed easily, silk cheongsam often comes in various colors.

However, you may want to care for it carefully since it easily wrinkles and snags since silk is a delicate fabric.

That’s why you have to use delicate detergent and hand wash these silk dresses in cold water. It’s best to avoid soaking in water for too long. Also, no bleaching, please!

  1. Cotton

Among various fabrics, cotton is the most popular material for casual traditional Chinese attires like cheongsam.

Cotton cheongsam is affordable and durable, making it the most chosen traditional attire by many wearers.

Be it for casual events or everyday looks, the cotton cheongsam is suitable for any occasion.

It is absorbent and breathable, so it’s suitable for the summer.

Fret not about washing it. The fabric is machine washable. One thing you have to know is to only use cold or warm water to prevent color fading and shrinking.

  1. Tulle

Tulle, a fabric material named after a city in the southern central region of France, is a light and translucent kind of material.

It has good formability and is rich in colors. Although it has a sheer look, tulle is a “strong” fabric that can hold embroideries very well.

It’s almost translucent which is why floral embroideries on tulle are usually very vivid and lively. Tulle cheongsam can emphasize the feminine and ethereal beauty of a woman.

This is why you have to wear a thin inner or layering it with lining inside the dress.

Handling tulle cheongsam is just like handling silk; soak and hand wash in warm water to avoid the fabric getting ruined.

  1. Velvet

Velvet is a type of stretchy fabric that is usually made from cotton, silk, or rayon. Small fluff on the surface of the fabric makes it unique from any other fabric.

It has a shiny and fuzzy surface which gives a feeling of luxury and nobility to this attire wearer. 

For those who are looking for traditional Chinese attire that’s light but has volume and also drapes very well on your body - velvet fabric is for you.

When washing, it is recommended to dry clean. For cotton velvet, best to hand wash it in cool water and hang it on a padded hanger to dry in the shade.

As the fabric is fragile, never use a dryer. Use a steamer whenever you need it to be ironed.

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Every fabric material has different features that distinguish one fabric from another. Different fabric material also is best suited to different silhouettes due to their weight, thickness, and opacity.

Some of the mentioned fabrics have to be taken care of by different methods, which is why double-checking the care label is a must to avoid getting damaged.

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  • Has a mandarin collar.
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